The place where man has learned to enhance
what nature has gifted in abundance,
perfecting it with age-old expertise


The territory of the Langhe, in central Piedmont, is an island of hills that rise at the top end of the Po valley, surrounded by the Alps. Thanks to clearly distinguished seasons, the shelter of the high mountains and the mineral-rich soil, this has become an exceptionally favourable terroir for prized wines - but not only wines: hazelnuts, peaches, cherries, strawberries, leeks, pears and apples are all of the highest quality in this habitat. These ingredients are the basis for an extraordinary culinary culture that knows how to appreciate the essence of quality.

The Langhe contains wine-producing areas that are among the most famous in the world. Since 2014, part of this territory has been included among the UNESCO world heritage sites: Barolo and Barbaresco production zones, with their little historic towns, many with well-kept castles. In these areas people have learned how to enhance what nature already provides of exceptional quality, perfecting with handed-down skills all the phases of production. Their care radiates from every vineyard, true emblems of this land.


For centuries the Langhe has been an important crossroads which connects the sea (source of salt and preserved fish like cod and anchovies) with the mountains. Along the Salt Route there are myriads of little towns in Alta Langa, High Langa, at 600 m a.s.l., where the hills are wilder and woods alternate with fields (for the sheep whose milk is needed for Tuma cheeses), but there are also vineyards of Alta Langa fine spumante, often vintage, produced with the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle. This is a land which is unique for its bio-diversity, which man’s craftmanship has safeguarded over time, transforming it into products of exceptional excellence. The scenery is varied and of a rare beauty, after every turning a new picture opens up, changing, delightfully, with the seasons. Further attractions are the range of cultural events, such as gastronomic festivals devoted to a special local delicacy, or music festivals, classical or jazz, as well as museums, castles, antique markets, local markets, theatres and wineries…

EXPERIENCES not to miss

Some of our suggestions for experiencing the area.

Fly in hot-air balloon: an adventure made-to-measure for you

Truffle hunt with an expert Truffle-hunter and his trusty dog

A game of Golf only a few minutes from our Country House

For deep relaxation, a safe Massage in your bedroom

Guided wine-tasting in renowned wineries with expert sommeliers

Trekking through the hills with a guide, in search of Nature in the Langhe


Santa Caterina Langhe offers its guests the opportunity for full immersion in the history, traditions and activities of the Langhe territory. Explore our suggestions and choose from the services intended to satisfy your passions.

Top quality restaurants

Every town in the Barolo area has excellent restaurants, with or without stars, all united by their dedication to quality, to the greatest care for detail, the use of excellent ingredients, the matching of food and fine wines, the role of the Chef who brings together the traditions of Piedmont with the demands of modern cuisine, giving rise to a great variety of approaches to every typical dish and seasonal delicacy. A vast assortment of unique treats, perfect to entice the most sophisticated of palates!

Wines and wineries

In the neighbourhood of Santa Caterina Langhe there are many highly prized winegrowing areas, above all that of Barolo, an area of unique wines, renowned throughout the world. Not far away is the Barbaresco zone and that of Roero, both obtained from the same variety of grape, Nebbiolo. To the south of Santa Caterina Langhe is Dogliani and closer to Alba, Diano, which both produce wines from Dolcetto grapes. The majority of wineries, very many of which are family businesses, allow wine lovers to taste their products in the place where they are grown and refined. See also: Strada del Barolo

With hundreds of secondary roads, the Langhe is a paradise for cyclists, whether they be experts with their own road-bike or beginners and/or users of electric bikes, which can be easily found to hire: there are plenty of short, easy circuits for nearby destinations or longer, more complex tours. You can plan your route according to your needs, along quiet roads with breath-taking scenery that varies around every bend, making each outing interesting and delightful.

In the Barolo area there are many trails for widespread trekking through the vineyards. We provide a few examples below, but remember that the Tourist Office of each village will be able to provide maps: La Morra, Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba, Monforte, Serralunga and many more

In the zone of Roero the Ecomuseum of Montà is very active and has drawn up a network of trails dedicated to animals and farming techniques with information centres, equipped with downloadable gpx and maps which can be bought from the ecomuseum by clicking here.

Strada Romantica: 11 tappe, 130 km di strade panoramiche, 300 spunti letterari

Romantic Route: 11 stops, 130 km of panoramic roads, 300 literary references. From one stop to the next, accompanied by some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, you will come into contact with the jewels of this land: flourishing winegrowing, truffles and hazelnut production, as well as ancient traditions, little gems of rural architecture in hamlets or on sloping sites, the reminders of a feudal era with castles and towers, sumptuous residences peering down from dominating summits.

Calendar from March to November

  • Monday: Monforte d'Alba, La Morra, Mango
  • Tuesday: Alba, Canale, Dogliani
  • Wednesday: Neive, Bra, Santo Stefano Belbo
  • Thursday: Castagnole delle Lanze, Alba
  • Friday: Cortemiglia, Murazzano
  • Saturday: Alba (main market)
  • Sunday: Barbaresco
  • from April to September: antique market– Cherasco (every first Saturday of the month)

Seven unique apartments,
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The soft, natural colours and authentic materials, with original details and furniture, make each apartment different from the last. The hand-picked furniture is sober and elegant, including antiques restored to perfect condition matched with modern pieces, to guarantee full comfort and enhance the charm of the traditional country home.